A Feast for the Senses

See, hear, touch, taste and smell these fabulous finds from female founders

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In this week’s newsletter we took inspiration from the five senses. You’ll find the pleasures of touch, taste, scent, sound, and sight in our five stories of exceptional products and forward-thinking experiences, all offered by amazingly creative and thoughtful women.  

Supermodel turned entrepreneur Liya Kebede’s resort wear line, lemlem, is not only beautiful but hugely purposeful, with a goal to energize and support the fashion industry in Africa; The wonderfully fragrant and unique spice and salt blends of Kanel will bring decadent flavour to your table and chic style to your spice rack; Sur Moi offers an olfactory experience, with mix and match perfume oils allowing you to create your own scent; With Jaybird the concept of wellness has never looked (or sounded, or felt) quite like this….they’ve changed the approach to yoga and Pilates, and have created a fully immersive experience; And your eyes will be amazed by Erin Rothstein’s hyperreal art, that looks good enough to eat. 


The texture of lemlem’s handwoven cotton from Ethiopia, its contemporary designs and ethical purpose will make you swoon.

This Montreal-based salt and spice blend brand is a must-try! Find out which one is our favourite and how we’re sprinkling it on just about everything!

Sound and movement are medicine in Jaybird Studio’s unique yoga and Pilates experiences. Find out how they are awakening the senses.

A toasted marshmallow, on your wall? Yes indeed! Meet Erin Rothstein and her incredible hyperreal paintings of nostalgic food and fashion items.

Our subscriber Heather recommended Sur Moi, a brand of perfume oils that enable you to create a bespoke scent.

These follows will have your senses stimulated. We invite you to follow @lilybubbletea for beautifully created dishes that are more like art than food; @pretty_farmgirl for skincare advice and homegrown products from a holistic esthetician; @linda_lomelino for visually stunning photos from a professional food photographer who also excels at baking; @folakehuntoon for fearless, chic and visually exciting outfit choices; and for upcoming candlelit concert locations follow @candlelight.concerts for a new way to hear and see music. Click the image to head to Instagram and follow!

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