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Welcome to Genuinely Stellar! We’re excited to bring you our very first newsletter! Today marks the beginning of what we hope will be a special relationship with a community of women looking to lift each other with life-enriching information and inspiration. Each week we will present five quick lifestyle features, always from female entrepreneurs and creators.

Choosing the first ones came so naturally because they are all items we couldn’t wait to share! We kick off with a toast to Crémant, a bubbly with a rich history and deep value; the perfect collared shirt from a brand that knows a thing or two about how to create exceptional basics; a skincare line that goes deep on Ayurvedic principles; a must read book that answers all of your hormone questions; and a compelling artist that will have you swooning.


What better way to celebrate the launch of Genuinely Stellar than with a glass of bubbly! Learn why crémants may be your new favourite sparkling wine. -Tonia

There’s no question, the menswear inspired shirt is having a moment! In the sea of options, this brand offers impeccably designed items and an unboxing experience that is just as special. - Aynsley 

“Dr. Taz” has become somewhat of a celebrity in the world of women’s hormone health. This informative book is a gift for women of all ages. - Tonia

Turmeric, for your face? Yes please! This Founder placed a bet on the Ayurvedic remedies she grew up with as the basis for her skin care line and clearly, she found a winning formula. -Aynsley

This post comes with a warning: you may get swept away by the beauty and complexity of this female abstract artist’s work, just like I did. - Tonia

Inspiring acts of kindness to start your day on a positive note.

Our first “Heartwarmer” story is a personal one about my maternal grandmother, Lillian Green. We lost my Nan a few years ago at the remarkable age of 105. She was independent, strong and loving. And she had a luxurious sense of style for a smalltown girl from the coastal town of Grimsby, England.

After WWII, with my grandfather already stationed in Canada with the Air Force, Nan crossed the ocean to meet him with their two young daughters. They created a life in Toronto and she found employment in the bakery of the local grocery store. She loved her job, the early mornings baking bread, frying donuts and baking meringues. She worked with four other gentlemen in the bakery, and they affectionately called her “Mama Green,” for her frequent acts of kindness. Her favourite though was a warm-hearted Italian named Bruno. He and Nan built a great friendship over the years despite their 20-year age difference. They continued the friendship even after Nan retired but as the years moved on, they both grew older and eventually lost contact.

After Nan passed my mother and aunt took to sorting out her affairs, and her last will and testament. It was revealed that Nan had not forgotten her great friend Bruno, she had left him $2000. It brings tears to my eyes even now when I write this. Her thoughtfulness, love and kindness were still at work even after she was gone.

My mother managed to locate Bruno through an old phonebook and was happy to learn he was alive and a young man of 88 years old. A lunch was planned, and my mother met Bruno and his son to share old stories and nan’s kind act of generosity. “Mama Green” you will be missed. xo

Bruno and Nan in the bakery.

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