Gardening Season

Stories from or inspired by the garden

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Now that we are fully in the swing of spring the garden is calling. We’ve taken our inspiration this week from the garden and all that it has to offer. In fashion, we’re featuring a female-founded jewellery line that has just released a stunning collection taking its cue from botanical elements.  Our beauty feature will introduce you to a company redefining hand care, something well-needed after a day in the dirt. We’ve chosen a gorgeous cookbook with recipes to help you turn your bounty into mouthwatering dishes, whether it is homegrown or from your local market. We’re featuring a company whose extensive seed collection will help whet your appetite for planting. And in continuing with the theme of the garden we have a captivating drama series which centres around a complex group of women, and the flower farm that nurtures and heals them.

The large petal studs from Biko’s Flora Collection are spring in an earring! Founder, Corrine Anestopoulos is offering our subscribers an exclusive 15% off with code Garden15. Find out what makes her so special, beyond her design talents.

A day in the garden can be torture on the hands. We discovered this brand that has developed a luxe skincare ritual specifically for your hands. We tried it and trust us, you should too!


Rosie Daykin’s new cookbook The Side Gardener will have you yearning for home grown fruits and veggies. This Arugula & Grapefruit salad is a must try!

You know that vegetable garden you’ve always wanted to start? Make it a reality this year. If you grow just one thing this season, this arugula should be it.


You won’t be able to stop following this bittersweet tale, set on a lush flower farm, with a cast of incredible female actors, including the extraordinary Sigourney Weaver.

Inspiring acts of kindness and wonder to start your day on a positive note.

Watch this incredible 59-year old grandmother hold a plank….for more than FOUR HOURS! She earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest plank for a woman and proved to her family that a health challenge wasn’t going to hold her back.

Looking for inspiring pastoral perfection? Take a spin with @themalinpersson; smell the flowers (so many flowers) with @farmluxe; grow your own with @patchworkcityfarms; taste what’s blooming @rachellesbespokecakes and become entranced by the floral art of @huliaozdemir. Click the image to head to Instagram and follow!

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